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The backstory of classic computers


The Soul of a New Machine (1981)
Tracy Kidder

Fire in the Valley:
The Making of the Personal Computer (1984/2000)
Paul Freiberger & Michael Swaine

The Rise and Fall of Osborne Computer Corporation (1984)
Adam Osborne & John Dvorak

Big Blue:
IBM’s Use and Abuse of Power (1986)
Richard Thomas DeLamarter

Once Upon A Time In ComputerLand:
The Amazing Billion Dollar Tale of Bill Millard’s ComputerLand Empire (1987)
Jonathan Littman

Fumbling the Future:
How Xerox Invented, Then Ignored, The First Personal Computer (1988)
Douglas K. Smith & Robert C. Alexander

West of Eden:
The End of Innocence at Apple Computer (1989)
Frank Rose

Accidental Empires:
How the Boys of Silicon Valley Make Their Millions, Battle Foreign Competition, and Still Can’t Get a Date (1992)
Robert X. Cringely

Hard Drive:
Bill Gates and Making of the Microsoft Empire (1992)
James Wallace & Jim Erickson

Insanely Great:
The Life and Times of the Macintosh, the Computer that Changed Everything (1994/2000)
Steven Levy

Where the Wizards Stay Up Late:
The Origins of the Internet (1996)
Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon

Revolution in The Valley:
The Insanely Great Story of How the Mac was Made (2005)
Andy Hertzfeld

iWoz (2006)
Steve Wozniak

Priming the Pump:
How TRS-80 Enthusiasts Helped Spark the PC Revolution (2007)
David Welsh & Theresa Welsh

A Company on the Edge (2010)
Brian Bagnall

Heroes of the Computer Revolution (2010)
Steven Levy

Paul Allen:
Idea Man (2011)
Paul Allen

Steve Jobs (2011)
Walter Isaacson

Atari Inc.:
Business if Fun (2012)
Marty Goldberg & Curt Vendel

The New Apple II User’s Guide (2012)
David Finnigan

How Compaq Ended IBM’s PC Domination and Helped Invest Modern Computing (2013)
Rod Canion

Sophistication & Simplicity:
The Life and Times of the Apple II Computer (2013)
Steven Weyhrich

The Amiga Years (2017)
Brian Bagnall

Racing the Beam:
The Atari Video Computer System (2009)
Nick Montfort & Ian Bogost

The Making of Prince of Persia
Journals 1985-1993 (2011/2020)
Jordan Mechner

Electronic Dreams:
How the 1980s Britain Learned to Love the Computer (2016)
Tom Lean

Break Out:
How the Apple II Launched the PC Gaming Revolution (2017)
David L. Craddock

How Atari 8-Bit Computers Defined a Generation (2017)
Jamie Lendino

The Friendly Orange Glow:
The Untold Story of the PLATO System and the Dawn of Cyberculture (2017)
Brain Dear

The Final Years (2019)
Brian Bagnall

The Rise and Fall and Reinvention of a Global Icon (2019)
James W. Cortada

Sid Meier’s Memoir!:
A Life in Computer Games (2020)
Sid Meier

Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings:
The Rise and Fall of Sierra On-Line (2020)
Ken Williams

Retro Tea Breaks:
In Conversation with Computer and Video Game Pioneers (2020)
Neil Thomas

The Secret History of Mac Gaming (2021)
Richard Moss

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